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Hey thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check things out! If you landed here, we can only assume you’ve been searching for an answer, searching for the help you need to finally make the changes you have longed for. Maybe you’re looking to lose weight or become more physically active. Maybe you want to tone up or increase your physical strength. Maybe your health is suffering and you have no idea how to change your lifestyle with any lasting effect. Whatever your reason, you are clearly searching for a change.

At Bodimatrix, we focus on a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle for both men and women of all ages. We combine individualized fitness, nutrition, and start with small changes that will help you not only reach your goals, but more importantly, maintain them. We work with you from the inside out, focusing on inner strengths/weakness and triggers that either promote good habits or cause you to continue using bad habits that got you to this point! As we all know, nutrition is 80-85% of the struggle and will place the biggest part in your success or setbacks. Take a few minutes to see all we have to offer by checking out our services and online programs!

About Us

Hey There!

With so many health and fitness experts to choose from and countless online workouts and nutritional programs to use, what makes Bodimatrix so unique and so successful in getting results? It’s my 15+ years of experience , understanding that each client is an individual , and having a plan works best, rather than throwing something against the wall to see what sticks!

Let me explain…

I’ve have always been health conscious. I was very active growing up, I played football and have tried to always kept myself fit. My love of health and fitness is deeply ingrained and it is both contagious and inspiring! I became a personal trainer later in life and because of my never-ending passion for fitness, I am now an expert as a personal fitness trainer, fitness boxing coach ,fitness nutrition coach and now a personal fitness chef! So… You can say that my main focus is on reshaping your BODY both inside and out.

Because I no longer work for others and work for myself, I am able to dispense with treating clients like a number, and get to the business at hand, helping you become a better version of yourself and FOCUS ON YOU !!! And that’s why I make it a point never to take on more than 15-17 clients at a time because my fitness routine will be designed for your unique health and wellness goals.

Together as a team, we can figure out your unique “road blocks” (we all have them) and design an effective program that sets you on the right path and gets you moving forward so YOUR dreams become your reality. Change does require ACTION! You took the first step and landed here for a reason. All I’m here to do is help you take the next steps in discovering your answer. If you are willing to do the work, a healthier life is just around the corner.

Have faith in yourself and trust the process. Let your journey begin!

Your friend and coach,


Co-Founder and Owner of Bodimatrix

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