The Skinny on Big Booty Re-Post

Hey there! It’s awesome news! You can now fulfill your dream of having a bigger, toned, and well-shaped booty! We completely understand that having a bigger butt is a popular desire, and we genuinely want you to achieve that goal. So, rest assured. I will assist and encourage you every step of the way.

Very important here!

Ladies, if you go on many sites showing exercises that try to convince you that certain workouts can do what’s shown in the pic below, you may be sadly disappointed.

There are only a few things that play a part in the way your booty looks.


  1. Genetics
  2. plastic surgery
  3.  If you are trying to obtain more girth on your booty, sometimes you may have to learn to work with what God gave you. Yes, some exercises can help you lift your butt and tone it, but that is working with what God gave you.
  4. Wearing the right clothing can help with how your booty looks on the exterior.


Studio shot of a group of attractive young women posing together against a gray background

<<<<<<<Genetics and some hard work play a part for the woman shown here. In my over 15yrs of fitness training, have I ever told a female client that doing “xyz” exercises would take you from a 25″ booty to a 34 ” booty? It’s just not going to happen in MOST CASES!

In your workout routine, we recommend focusing on targeted exercises such as hip thrusts, squats, deadlifts, and lunges. I suggest mixing and matching them to keep it interesting and allow your muscles to strengthen and grow. Moreover, it is crucial to maintain a balanced diet rich in proteins to encourage growth and aid recovery.

Remember – consistency is key. Celebrate every milestone in your journey, whether small or significant. You are capable of amazing things, and with resistance bands and weights, you can optimize and achieve amazing booty gains. Here’s to a successful and exciting journey towards achieving your dream body!

Love yourself, embrace who you are, and God bless all the different size booty’s out there!

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