Celebrate International Women’s Day March 8th

Here's a little history lesson on The International Day of Women's Day. This article is directly from the History Channel. Controversy clouds the history of International Women’s Day. According to a common version of the holiday’s origins, it was established in 1907, to mark the 50th anniversary of a brutally repressed protest by New York City’s female garment and textile workers. But there’s a problem with that story: Neither the 1857 protest nor the 50th anniversary tribute may have actually taken place. In fact, research that emerged in the 1980s suggested that origin myth was invented in the 1950s, as part of a Cold War-era effort to separate International Women’s Day from its socialist roots. Read more...

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Simple Things to Set Up Your Own Home Gym

As you know the gym is mad crazy now ; so why not set up you own home gym! I know working out at home can not be as fun as hitting the gym , but it does make it easier if your short on time or even if your traveling . So here are a few pieces of equipment that you may want if your going to be doing your're own routine at home or if your're  going to be on the road . Below are a list of items I recommend you have!






4 Week Bodimatrix Home Workout Challenge

We all know how the gym is this time of year! Its crazy busy in the gym now, why start at a gym and get frustrated because you have to wait 10 minutes for a seated row machine .I mean maybe you will get lucky and the gym you're at may have 2 seated row machines, but many exercises can be done at home if you have a little space.

It doesn't take much to turn a spare room into your own little private gym. All you need are some dumbbells resistant bands, a mat and stability ball and a little planning on your part, then off you go! You can even invite a couple of friends over to join in on the fun!

That is a great way to get started if your local gym is over-crowded now. So what I've done is put together a home fitness routine! It's great for beginners, intermediate or advanced fitness levels. You have the exercises with video, written instruction, a fitness schedule laid out for you and 23 smoothie recipes to help get you started. Best of all, you have me, in the palm of your hand with your mobile device. Yes, that's right, if you have a question about an exercise, nutrition or would like to try some recipes of mine , I've got you covered. Just click on the button and get started.




4 Week Bodimatrix Home Workout Challenge